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Whisky vs Whiskey

​The name whisk(e)y is not an original English word, but is coming from the Gaelic word “Uisce Beatha”, which means Water of Life.

Each year more than 45 million of cases of whisk(e)y are sold, but there still is confusion about the right spelling whisky vs whiskey.

In Scotland it always has been whisky but in Ireland it’s always been whiskey. When the Irish immigrants went to the United States in the 18th century, they took the extra E with them and in the US it has been Whiskey ever since. The Canadians and Japanese used the Scottish word.

So it’s all about location! A simple trick to remember: Countries with ​E’s in their name spell it Whiskey (America, Ireland), countries without an E in their name (Scotland, Canada, Japan) spell it Whisky


​According to the Scotch ​they spell it without the “e” because ​more vowels waste good time that could otherwise be spent drinking….