MACALLAN 18 Scotch Whisky Review
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Macallan 18 Review
*Editors Note: After consideration and comparison to other similar whiskies, I would chance my score to 89.5/100 on this.
After my initial score I add or subtract points relative on how I perceive value (based on what I paid for the bottle). A zero value means I think the price is justified.

0-69.5 – Don’t bother trying, life is too short for bad spirit.
70-79.5 – Worth trying, but you’re not missing out if you don’t.
80-84.5 – I recommend trying.
85-87.5 – Definitely try this!
88-92.5 – I recommend buying a bottle blind!
93-95.5 – Stuff you reserve for special pours!
96+ – The meaning of life.


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