Scotch & Soda – How to Drink a Whisky Highball like James Bond

Learn how to make a Scotch and Soda worthy of being called a James Bond cocktail by using Haig Dimple Pinch 15-Year Blended Scotch Whisky and Soda. The series, Cocktails and Pussy Galore, shows you how to drink like 007 using the Ian Fleming books (not the movies) as the source, which takes you beyond the typical James Bond Martini.

Like the Gin & Tonic (, Bond enjoyed Scotch & Sodas when he was alone and not trying to impress anyone. He had about 21 Scotch & Sodas throughout the books, but to be fair, he had over half of those in one drunken night in the book, Thunderball.

The flavor of the drink is almost completely determined by the Scotch that you use. Bond’s Scotch of choice was Haig Pinch, which is a blended Scotch. He also drank Black & White Scotch (which is still available in the UK), but Haig Pinch seemed to be his favorite in Live and Let Die and in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Bond was definitely a Blended Scotch man, but that may have been a product of his time. Now, Single Malts are everywhere and are the sign of a good Scotch, but in the post-WWII era, Blended Scotch was king. There were depleted resources during the war and it took several years to get the stocks back up.

Feel free to use your favorite Scotch (Blended or Single Malt) in this drink. Even the Scotch purists can’t get too upset with you because the soda water helps bring out the flavors of the whisky. Just be sure to keep the ratios in balance. 2:1 or 3:1 soda to Scotch is the perfect amount. It’s just enough that the drink is smooth and not too much so that the flavor is too diluted.

Highballs are certainly Bond favorites from Bourbon & Branch ( to Horse’s Neck ( to Vodka Tonic (, they’re quick, easy to make and just as easy to drink. Cheers!

2 oz Scotch Whisky
4-6 oz Soda Water (Club Soda)

Fill glass with ice. Add Whisky. Add Soda Water.

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Featured in This Drink:

Haig Pinch Scotch Whisky

Neat Ice Kit (Clear Ice Cube Mold)

Soda Siphon

Other Soda Water:

Fever Tree Club Soda

Q Club

Other Blended Scotches:

The Famous Grouse

Johnnie Walker Green Label

Single Malt Scotches:

Benromach 5 Year

Laphroaig 18 Year

Ben Nevis 10 Year

Balvenie DoubleWood

Bar Tools:

Pint Glass

Measuring Cup



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