Scotch Whisky: Explained

Why is Scotland so fiercely proud of its national drink? In this video, we take a broad look at Scotch whisky, its origins, the distilling process, and the way the Scottish whisky industry has grown over time.

Learn about the different regions in Scotland where whisky is made and some of the history behind its production – including illicit stills and smuggling! From peaty Islay whiskies to golden Speyside malts, everybody has their favourite dram, but wouldn’t it be nice to know a bit more about the Scotch in your glass?

If you are just beginning your whisky journey, then we hope that this video inspires you to visit Scotland and tour a whisky distillery. For many people, this is one of the highlights of their trip to Scotland!

New whisky distilleries are opening all the time all over Scotland, from the islands to the Highlands. The number of visitors to whisky distilleries has increased 56% since 2010, furthermore, the whisky industry is constantly innovating and taking major steps to reduce its environmental impact. The whisky industry is certainly not standing still.

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