Scotch Whisky Q&A with Richard Paterson

Listen as Scottish Master Whisky Distiller, Richard ‘The Nose’ Paterson, answers some of your most asked questions and gives a special insight into the world of whisky. From how to properly experience whisky to top tips for beginners, from the various whisky flavours of each region to how the ageing process of whisky works – listen as the expert reveals all.
Whisky is Scotland’s national drink and biggest export. The country boasts over 100 active distilleries across five whisky regions, many of which offer fantastic tours, where you’ll get the opportunity to taste some incredible varieties and learn about the history and making behind famous whiskies. And did you know, there is a whole month dedicated to whisky each year? Taking place each May, ‘Whisky Month’ celebrates Scotland’s national drink with events and festivals. It’s the perfect time to try a dram and celebrate the ‘water of life’, so don’t miss out! Find an event, pick up a delicious bottle of whisky and round up a few friends to share it with.

If one month of whisky isn’t enough for you, then make sure you explore the other whisky festivals that take place throughout the year in Scotland. There are plenty of opportunities for you to sample whiskies from across Scotland, meet other whisky enthusiasts and who knows, you may even find your favourite dram. Inverness, Stirling and Fife, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and far-flung Isle of Islay; no matter where you are, or go, there will be whisky fun to enjoy!

Haven’t you heard? Scotland has its very own whisky trail! Venture out on the Speyside Malt Whisky Trail, the only one of its kind in the world, to explore seven world-famous working distilleries, one historic distillery, and the fascinating Speyside Cooperage. Speyside is a popular destination for whisky production and for hosting the famous Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival each year, so it’s no wonder it is often called ‘Malt Whisky Country’.
Find out more about Scotland’s whisky and all the exciting events, festivals and attractions you can visit.

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