The Legendary Paddy Behind Paddy Irish Whiskey

In 1912, the Cork Distilleries Co. changed the name of their whiskey to honor a man who had worked for the company for almost 50 years. But he was no ordinary man. His name was Patrick J. O’Flaherty and his legend lives on today.

In this video I break down his life and his enduring legacy to us Irish whiskey fans.


Stories & Sips exists to introduce current and potential whiskey fans in the United States to the real Ireland and its incredible Irish whiskeys, converting bourbon, scotch and rye drinkers to the often under-appreciated gold that is Irish whiskey.

Our vision is for Ireland to become the world leader in whiskey tourism. The Irish whiskey product has reached an enviable level of quality and is earning deserved worldwide attention. The growth in the number of distilleries and visitor centers offers Ireland a unique opportunity to create a whiskey tourism industry that is the envy of whiskey-producing countries around the world. At Stories & Sips, we intend to do our part.

We will do this by connecting fans emotionally to Ireland and its whiskeys. Through stories, in-person whiskey tastings and trips to Ireland, we’ll help whiskey fans engage deeply with the people and product of our country so that they become lifelong fans, consumers and evangelists.


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Born and raised in Cobh, 12 dangerous miles from the Midleton Distillery, Barry has called the United States home since 2007. He spent 15 years in the hospitality industry, training originally as a hotel manager in Adare Manor in Limerick before leading the Food & Beverage purchasing for four different luxury cruise ships, taking him to ports all over the world in search of the finest foods and drinks for discerning passengers. Barry has also been part of the management teams in hotel groups in Ireland and Austria.

In 2003, Barry launched an inventory control service for bars restaurants and hotels in Ireland and in 2004 created the first online software tool for bar and restaurant owners to manage their business more effectively. This business expanded to the US in 2007 and was acquired by a California-based entertainment company in 2012, hiring Barry as Chief Marketing Officer.

Today Barry is based in Columbus, Ohio where he lives with his wife.

His favorite whiskey? It would have to be Redbreast 12. His favorite whiskey memory? His 18 year old self ordering and tasting a measure of Midleton Very Rare in 1997 that he had saved up for.


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