The Whisky Buyer's ABCD – A Guide to Good Scotch Whisky Presentation

Targeted towards the whisky enthusiast, this video covers the four main aspects of discovering the attitude of a Scotch Single Malt Whisky producer when offering a bottle to the market, and can help determine the target market – whiskey enthusiasts or a more general buyer. It looks at non-age statement (NAS), bottling strength, ABV, chill-filtration and added E150a spirit caramel colouring. It also looks at three of my recommended NAS whiskies from Glen Scotia, Deanston and Tomatin, which I feel offer a decent whisky experience and value at a reasonable price point. These are opinions only and are no more valid than your own – please share them with the growing #whiskytube community and be a part of it. It’s awesome #whiskyfabric

I am an enthusiast – not an expert.

This video is intended as a guide and for entertainment. It is is a completely subjective creation and review and is wholly self-funded. The whisky is purchased by me, even the t-shirt is purchased by me (although it’s by Urban Pirate and cool enough to warrant a link below – please tell them I sent you; neither of us will enjoy a discount but, you know, they’re a Scottish independent company and deserve our support for creative genius). I did get something for free – and that’s the awesome soundtrack by the even-more-awesome DJ Quads, you can discover more of his genius here:

This track is called My Desire:

Urban Pirate Apparel:

Viewing is recommended for 18 years and older (or the minimum age for alcohol consumption in your country of residence).

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