UNLIMITED Irish Whiskey Bottle Glitch/Bug in Red Dead Online

#RDO #BOTTLE #GLITCH This isn’t even a glitch in my opinion (more of a bug since no prep/steps) Either way I figured I would share..it’s not game breaking or even all that lucrative for high rank players, but could be great for a newer player. Only works on cycle 6 Irish Whiskey bottle AFAIK & map location is at 3:15 in the video (plus just search Irish Whiskey on the JeanRopke map linked below) I would like to give credit to Bettador Editor for showing me this, his channel will be linked below. This supposedly works on the scotch whiskey at Rathskeller Fork, but I could not get the bottle to reappear like it does in the bayou. This only works on the Irish Whiskey Collectable southeast of Caliga Hall on this island. (CYCLE 6 ON THE MAP)
Make sure you ride all the way to the tree or the bottle wont reappear. This seems to work at this collectable site any time the bottle spawns there on the daily cycle. Refer to collector map for all locations: https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/
TheBettadorEditor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL6wPj0fp18Zs_InWTX201Q/videos


All content was created and uploaded by me. Please contact me via discord if you wish to use any clips.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why don’t you stream directly to YouTube?

This is because of a lack of hardware to do so. Directly streaming to Twitch.tv does NOT require a capture card. (I mostly started streaming to record gameplay) I hope to one day purchase certain equipment and have more options made availabile.

2. Why don’t you use a microphone/camera?

A few reasons..for one I often times find cameras distracting when watching intense gameplay. Two, if I was to use a mic I would only want the best quality, not a 10$ headset. Xbox also doesn’t include a microphone (PS4 got us there..) And three, there have been a lot of content creators I didn’t care for/no longer watch because of their voice or attitude. Besides..I DO participate in Twitch chat, and you can catch all of the content uploaded to Youtube live on http://www.twitch.tv/heartless_toaster

3. I noticed you have no stream overlay/facecam/chat box/etc.

First read above, a capture card is required for a stream overlay. Hopefully one day!

4. What platform do you play on/Can I join?

Xbox One: vi steph iv
And of course! (Join the discord as well!)
Official Invite Link : https://discord.gg/AvmMnpq


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